This Valentine’s Day, Give a Gift Only You Can Give

Sure, Valentine’s Day is “forced” and “artificial”; we’ve even heard accusations that it was created by Hallmark. But, it’s also remarkable. Think about it – there isn’t a Santa Claus or Menorah that’s accompanied by gifts. There is no Easter Bunny bringing a basket full of goodies. It’s just Cupid – and all he brings is a bow and arrow to pierce your heart and make love flow. Valentine’s Day isn’t about presents – it’s about remembering why the two of you got together in the first place. So, leave those flowers and chocolates (yes, even if they’re in the shape of a heart) in the store.

Instead, give your partner something that will show them you love them – and remind them that he or she loves you too. Below we’ve compiled our most romantic, thoughtful, and – better yet – budget friendly ways to show your partner how much you care this Valentine’s Day. This year, Cupid’s got nothing on you!

Romantic & Sweet

  • Settle in somewhere private and ask each other the 36 questions that have been shown by research to bring the two of you closer. You can read one couple’s experience doing this here.  If Set 1 doesn’t seem interesting, we challenge you to go straight to Set 2!
  • Write your sweetheart a love letter and slip it into their briefcase or purse so they’ll find it at work.
  • Grab some Post-Its and leave your partner love messages all over the house. Hide a few in creative places so they’ll keep finding them for days to come!
  • Re-create your first date.
  • Take an evening stroll and gaze up at the stars
  • Get up early and clean the house. We promise your partner will love it.
  • Have a Spa Day at home – bubble bath and face mask, included!

Fun & Flirty

  • Fill a jar with date ideas to choose from in the future.
  • Cook together at home and have a candlelit picnic on the floor.
  • Go ice skating or hiking somewhere new.
  • Grab the wine and blankets — snuggle and binge-watch a new show together.
  • Surprise your partner at work with their favorite lunch.
  • Make a treasure hunt for your partner. Text the first clue. Then leave clues all over the house, yard, car or their office with hints on where to find the next clue. End the treasure hunt with something sweet, like one of your favorite spots, or maybe the bedroom…

Hot & Heavy

  • Try something new in the bedroom.
  • Show some PDA.
  • Play a sexy game of Truth or Dare.
  • Give your partner a full-body massage.
  • Get creative and give your partner a Love Coupon Book, like this one!


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