September 15, 2023

Tips for a Relationship with a More Sexually Experienced Partner

by Jackson Weiser and Charlotte Cremers

It can be both thrilling and intimidating to date someone with more sexual experience – especially someone who has explored many different aspects of their sexuality. In this article, we’ll delve into tips for a relationship with a more sexually experienced partner and offer guidance for how to navigate this with grace and confidence. 

Understanding Your Feelings

When dating someone more sexually experienced, it’s natural to experience a range of emotions, including insecurity and uncertainty. It’s often helpful to acknowledge these feelings and address them in a healthy way. Here are some key points to consider:

Potential insecurities or uncertainties: It’s common to feel insecure about your own level of experience compared to your partner’s. Remember that everyone has their own unique journey, and your worth as an individual is not solely defined by your sexual history (just like your partner’s isn’t).

The importance of self-acceptance and self-confidence: You can’t change what you haven’t (or have!) experienced yet, but you can change how you frame a lack of experience. It can be an exciting thing that you have exploration and learning in front of you. You deserve a partner that is excited to go through this process with you and patient to go at a pace you feel comfortable with. Build your self-confidence by also acknowledging other positive qualities and the unique attributes you bring to the relationship.

Embracing Open Communication

Effective communication is crucial in any relationship, especially when it comes to matters of intimacy and sexuality.

  1. Engage in honest conversations about sexual history: While discussing sexual history can feel uncomfortable, it’s essential to have open and honest conversations with your partner. Try to approach these discussions with curiosity and respect, creating a safe space for both of you to share your experiences. Remember that transparency can strengthen your bond and increase understanding.
  2. Address concerns and ask questions respectfully: If you have concerns or questions about your partner’s past experiences, it’s crucial to address them in a respectful manner. Try to avoid judgment, assumptions, or pressure to disclose; instead, express your thoughts with empathy and understanding. Sexual experience, or the lack thereof, simply reflects what you have or have not done – not who you are as a person. 
  3. Open communication can increase understanding and connection: Engaging in open communication about sexual history can lead to a deeper understanding of your partner’s desires, boundaries, and preferences. This knowledge can create a stronger emotional and physical connection between you. By actively listening and empathizing, you can build trust and foster an environment of mutual respect.

Remember, open communication isn’t solely about discussing the past but also about ongoing dialogue regarding your present desires and expectations. 

Cultivating Trust and Mutual Respect

Building a strong foundation of trust and mutual respect is vital when dating someone more sexually experienced. Here are suggestions for how to do that:

  1. Build trust: Trust is essential for a healthy and fulfilling relationship. Feeling as though you can trust your partner to be compassionate when you bring up sensitive topics is crucial. This level of trust can take some time to cultivate in your relationship. It might be a good idea to take incremental steps in cultivating trust and mutual respect with your partner by seeing how they react when you share your more surface-level insecurities and feelings. If they reciprocate and demonstrate compassion, then you can move on to sharing your deeper thoughts and feelings. This is a good way to feel safe when bringing up the topic of sexual experience with your partner. 
  2. Set boundaries and discuss comfort levels: Boundaries are essential for maintaining a healthy relationship. Discuss and establish clear boundaries that align with both partners’ comfort levels. Communicate your boundaries openly and respectfully, and encourage your partner to do the same. By openly discussing boundaries, you can create a safe and respectful space for exploring intimacy together.

Learning from Each Other

When dating someone more sexually experienced, there is a unique opportunity to learn and grow together as a couple. Here are key points to consider in embracing this opportunity:

  1. Explore the opportunity to learn and grow together: Try to view your partner’s experience as an opportunity for personal growth and discovery. Embrace the chance to learn from their insights, techniques, and perspectives. Likewise, your own unique perspective can enrich their understanding. By sharing openly and honestly, you can foster a deep sense of connection and mutual growth.
  2. Encourage a supportive and non-competitive mindset: It’s essential to maintain a supportive and non-competitive mindset when exploring intimacy with someone more sexually experienced. Try to avoid comparing yourself to their past partners or feeling inadequate. Instead, try to focus on building a healthy and fulfilling connection based on trust, respect, and shared exploration. Celebrate each other’s unique journeys and experiences.

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Exploring New Experiences

Being with a more sexually-experienced partner can also be an exciting opportunity. Here are some ideas on how to take advantage of it:

  1. Discuss the potential for trying new things together: Openly communicate with your partner about your desires to explore new experiences. Discuss your fantasies, interests, and curiosities. Explore the potential for trying new activities that can deepen your intimacy and connection. Be receptive to your partner’s suggestions as well, creating a space for mutual exploration and growth.
  2. Open-mindedness and curiosity: Embrace an open-minded and curious approach to exploring new experiences. Be willing to step out of your comfort zone and try things that may be unfamiliar. Allow yourself to embrace the pleasure and growth that comes with exploring uncharted territory.
  3. Consent and mutual enjoyment: Consent is of utmost importance in any sexual encounter. Prioritize open and ongoing communication about boundaries, desires, and comfort levels. Respect each other’s boundaries and check in for enthusiastic consent before trying something new. Remember that the key is mutual enjoyment and pleasure for both partners, creating a safe and satisfying experience.

Seeking Support

If you and your partner find yourselves facing challenges or uncertainties that feel overwhelming, consider online relationship support as an option. The OurRelationship program can help you and your partner develop more effective communication to discuss your core issues without judgment. Click here to learn more and find out if you qualify for the program for free. Couple counseling is another option to consider; click here to learn if couple counseling is right for your relationship.


Navigating a relationship with someone more sexually experienced can be both exciting and challenging. Embrace this unique opportunity for growth and learning in your relationship. Remember that open communication, trust, and respect are the pillars of a healthy and fulfilling connection. By nurturing these aspects, you can build a strong foundation for a relationship that celebrates each other’s experiences and fosters deep emotional and sexual intimacy.

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