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  1. Is this program therapy or marriage counseling?

    The programs we offer are online, self-help programs – they’re not therapy. However, in some ways, our program is better than therapy – you can do it in your own time from wherever you have an Internet connection. And our results show that they’re just as effective (or nearly as effective, depending on the study) as in-person marriage counseling.

  2. Can I talk to a coach anytime?

    You can schedule calls with your coach during the day, evening, or even weekends. In those calls, your coach will help you apply the skills and lessons you learned in the online activities to your relationship. You can contact your coach via Zoom, FaceTime, Hangouts, or Skype.

  3. How long does it take to complete the program?

    You can complete the program at your own pace, but most of our couples complete it in one to two months. If you’re working with a coach, you’ll have access to that coach for up to two months.

  4. Do these programs work?

    Yes. Our programs have been tested and the results show that the majority of participants were satisfied with these programs and would recommend them to a friend. If you’d like to find out more, you can read the published, peer-reviewed journal article by clicking below.

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  5. Does my partner have to complete the program with me?

    Our previous research suggests that these programs are more helpful if you do them together. Click below for some suggestions on how to get your partner to agree to do these programs with you.

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    However, if your partner isn’t available or willing to complete this program with you, we have designed a version of the OurRelationship® program for individuals to complete on their own. For more information, click below.

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  6. Who will have access to my personal information?

    Maintaining the privacy of your personal information is very important to our staff. We have taken many precautions to ensure the privacy of your information, including maintaining secure servers and secure transmission of data. To read our full privacy policy, click below.

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  7. How much do these program cost?

    Both the couples and individuals programs with a coach cost $199. The programs are also available without a coach for $50. These fees are one-time fee only and, if you’re doing the couples program, include accounts for you and your partner.

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