Thank You

Eligible/Next Steps

Thank you for completing the surveys! The next step is for your partner to complete the surveys you did. However, your partner should NOT use the general link on the OurRelationship homepage – otherwise, we won’t know you’re a couple.

If you chose to have the program send an email directly to your partner:
You’ll be copied on that email (just in case he/she doesn’t get it). That email has the link your partner should use to do his/her surveys.

If you did NOT want the program to send your partner an email directly:
You will get an email from the program that you can forward to your partner. That email has a link your partner should use to do his/her surveys.

Once your partner completes his/her surveys, we’ll send an email to both of you letting you know if you’re eligible to continue. (Final eligibility depends on your responses, your partner’s responses, and the combination of the two.) If you’re not eligible, we’ll provide you a number of suggestions for things you can do to improve or strengthen your relationship.

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