Take The First Step Toward A Better Relationship What’s Involved in This Program?

In the couple version of the program, you and your partner will work together on online activities to better understand and solve relationship issues you’re experiencing. You’ll also work together to develop important communication skills and learn to reconnect and trust each other. You can complete these activities on your own schedule and on your phone, computer, or tablet.


Free Programs

  • Funded by the Administration for Children and Families
  • Designed for middle and low-income households

If you qualify for a free program, as part of a research study, you’ll be placed into the OurRelationship® program, the ePREP program, or a waitlist group where you’ll get access to the program of your choice after a two-month waiting period. Additionally, during the programs, you may be selected to have regular calls with a staff coach – daytime, evening, and weekend times are available.

Also, we’ll send you gift cards to Amazon, Wal-Mart or Target worth $150 per couple ($75 per person) for completing the program, and filling out a single survey at the end of the program.

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How it Works In Four Simple Steps

Step 1 – Qualify

The first step is to find out what you qualify for – either our free grant-funded program or our low-priced option. After that, you’ll need to register to access our online material.

Check Eligibility

Step 2 – Get Started

Once you’re registered, you can begin to explore the program(s) available to you. If you are paying for your program (not part of the research study), you will be able to begin the program immediately. No matter which you choose, you’ll get an online, self-driven program designed to help you and your partner understand the problems in your relationship and how to solve them.

Step 3 – Learn and Grow

As you go through your program, you’ll complete lessons online on your own. After you’ve finished a section, you and your partner will come together to talk about what you’ve learned.

Sample Lesson

Step 4 – Put In The Time

Our programs can deliver real results, but it won’t happen overnight. Generally, these programs take between 7-8 hours to complete over the course of two months. In the program, we’ll teach you new ways to communicate and help you identify changes to strengthen your relationship. If you and your partner complete one of our programs, we’re confident that your relationship will improve.

Couples have successfully used the program to solve the following types of problems:

  • Communication problems / too many arguments
  • Emotional distance or lack of love
  • Lack of trust or infidelity/cheating
  • Fights about money, parenting, or other specific topics
  • Difficulty recovering from painful events in the past
  • And many others

Watch one couple’s experience using the OurRelationship® program – as seen on CBS news.


You may be thinking, “This program sounds good, but how do I know it really works?” Good question! There are many online programs that promise incredible results, so what makes our program different?

  • Unlike other programs, ours has been tested as part of a nationwide, randomized trial with more than 2,000 people.
  • Results of these studies showed that couples were more satisfied with their relationship, argued less, and felt closer.
  • In these studies, the programs also improved symptoms of those feeling depressed, anxious, or having other problems.
  • 94% of participants were satisfied with our program.
  • 97% of participants would recommend us to a friend.

Read one of our studies

Does My Partner Have To Do This Program With Me?

Our research has shown that these programs are most effective when both partners work on their relationship together.

If you already know that your partner won’t complete the program with you, click here to find out more about a version of the program you can do on your own.

Learn more

If you’re not sure if your partner is willing to do this program with you, try the following ideas:

  • Present it as a way to improve your relationship — not your partner.
  • Remember to talk about how important your relationship is to you and that you’re invested in making it better.
  • Encourage your partner to think about things he/she wants to change in your relationship – this program is a perfect opportunity to make that happen.
  • If you’re worried your partner will feel cornered, write him/her a note, or email the site to your partner to look over.

This has been the first time in our marriage where we can both be completely honest with each other even knowing that honesty sometimes hurts. We have created a stronger bond together because of this.


During our “conversation” my wife and I felt so connected, because we saw the work that each us was willing to put in and more importantly express some of our hidden emotions in a constructive manner.


I wasn’t really expecting much from this program. My husband and I had gone to traditional therapy before with little success. However, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I learned about both of us and our relationship.


Paid Programs

If you’d like to join our program, but aren’t interested in participating in our research study, you can register today.

  • Immediate access to the OurRelationship® program
  • A one-time fee of $50
  • Is available to anyone, regardless of income level, race, gender, age, disability, religion, or sexual orientation
  • Because it isn’t funded by the grant, staff coaches are not available

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